Rehearsal schedule can be found under ‘Members’ then ‘Auditions, Cast & Rehearsals’, then scrolling to the bottom or click here

ARIEL – Jade Rushwood
URSULA – Jaime Sheehan
SEBASTIAN – Lachlan McGeary
FLOUNDER – Lachlan Saul
KING TRITON – Max Foggon
SCUTTLE – Sebastian Gallagher
FLOTSAM (Eel)- Jade Felsch
JETSAM (Eel)- Brook Lacy
AWESAM (Eel) – Angelina Marchant
HOLSAM (Eel) – Taylor Mattock
CHEF LOUISE – Hillary Goodsell
PILOT – Hillary Goodsell
GRIMSBY – Luke Mulder
MAID – Kristen Lodge
MERSISTERS – AQUATA Jacinta Hunter, ANDRINA Sophie Thompson, ARISTA Kyah Michaels, ATINA Kallista Fay/Elisha Lodge, ADELLA Breanna Gatt, ALLANA Hannah Stock, ANDARA Elisha Lodge
WINDWARD – Evie O’Connor
LEEWARD – Saoirse O’Connor
SEAWARD – Oliver O’Connor
PRINCESSES/MAIDS/SEAGULLS/SEA CREATURES/SAILORS/CHEFS- To be announced from the company below (some may do double roles while some may be only in that particular group)

Also in the COMPANY – Eliska Gooding, Lily Parker-Hammond, Summer Barnden, Destiny Goodsell, Evie Sargeant,  Lavinia Stafford, April Orford, Amelie Tripet, Jasmine Hassey, Mia Smith, Summer Robertson, Jessie Robertson, Reuben Adlington, Hugo Adlington, Lola Saul, Cody McMillan-Leeson, Chelsea Joynson, Olivia Rosenbaum, Imani Hannaford, Micah June, Numeyah June, Ben Vanem, Sarah Vanem, Lauren Boyce, Liam Boyce, Jacinta Faulkner.

I have put the link to my Dropbox below, which contains folders of Guide Vocals AND Accompaniment. Please download everything!
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