Change to Program

Streetcar Named Desire replaced by Moonlight & Magnolias due to illness to the director.

Dates will be the same and auditions in late June…see here



As at 19th May 2015…5pm

OLIVER-Landon Broadley
FAGIN-Graeme Speed
NANCY-Jaime Sheehan (Assistant Choreographer)
BET-Sarah Shanahan
SYKES-Dylan Wheeler
MR BUMBLE-Rod Ramsay
NOAH-Sebastian Gallagher
WIDOW CORNEY-Judith Brazenor
CHARLOTTE-Peta Grobler
MRS BEDWIN-Jane Curran
OLD SALLY-Diana Mason

Oliver Payne
Reuben Adlington
Lachlan Saul
Xion Jarvis
Will Simmonds
Harry Green
Keani Smith

Alaska Jarvis
Ayala Eden
Belana Broadley
Cassie Eady
Lirra Eady
Ella Peart
Sylvie Peart
Lola Saul
Gina Puglisi
Sophie Brazenor
Maiya Stotter
Elli Dillaway
Hanna Waters
Emily Kay
Chelsea Joynson
Mia Smith

Callum Allsop
Josh Green
Jordan Stotter (knife grinder)
Lachlan McGeary
Sebastian Gallagher (Noah)
Greg Crane
Mike Ball
John Hannaford
Trevor Stone

Jane Curran
Angelina Marchant
Diana Mason
Cathy Puglisi
Carley Tanner
Jacinta Hunter
Sheena Felton
Jennifer Briguglio
Iesha Williams
Peta Grobler
Belinda Toth

OLIVER Auditions



Date: Sunday 22nd March

Time: 10am to 5pm

Where: Ballina Players Theatre 24 Swift St Ballina

Contact: Clem Halpin at

To see a list of characters click here

Show Dates: JUNE 12th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, JULY 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Rehearsals: Mondays & Thursdays (early evenings for children)

What’s New!!

  • AGM Feb 17th 7pm at the Theatre
  • Alice In Wonderland 7 shows nearly SOLD OUT!
  • It’s A Wonderful Life rehearsals start in earnest
  • Preparations for OLIVER start as Clem Halpin appointed Director
  • New Committee to look at major refurbishment in some areas: upstairs area over new kitchen, disabled toilet, new kitchen area
  • Advertising to go at Council Operated venues around the CBD for “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Marie WINS major award at Theatre Awards

As some of you may know, our own MARIE CALDWELL was the winner of The Platinum Palm Award at the Gold Coast Theatre Awards on Tuesday 16th December at the Gold Coast Arts Centre

Kate PETERS (Convenor and announcer of the award) praised Marie for her commitment to being Ballina Players Pianist for 41 years. In her emotional speech, Marie said that Ballina Players was her family.

Sharing the award with Marie was a lady from Spotlight who has worked Front Of House for many years.

Unsuccessful on the night were Mary Richards (Director, Cash On Delivery), Geoff Marsh (Lighting..SUPA North, Downtown) and Mike.Sheehan (Leading Actor, Cash On Delivery)

Marie was surprised totally, even when Kate started talking about a company outside the Gold Coast region, being a long-term rehearsal pianist, playing musicals for 41 years, and only became aware when Kate mentioned Ballina Players!

Congratulations to a wonderful woman, a Life Member, and a great friend to all Ballina Players members.

If you would like to see video of Marie at the awards, click the following links to YouTube.

In the first, Marie has no idea that she is to receive the award, and is totally surprised.

In this 2nd video, Marie accepts the award and makes a speech.

CAST – It’s A Wonderful Life


Dylan WHEELER– George Bailey, Young George Bailey

Jaime SHEEHAN – Clarence

Liz Van Eck – Mary Hatch Bailey

Tim ROBERTS – Announcer, Uncle Billy, Toll-Taker

Ian McCAUSLAND – Superintendent, Carter

Bill GRAHAM – Mr Potter, Officer Bert, Eddy

Diana MASON – Ernie, Dr Campbell, Martini, Charlie, Janie

Geoff MARSH – Pop Bailey, Mr Welch

Ben BROWN – Sam Wainwright, Harry Bailey, Nick, Sheriff

Liz DARGIN (Cal McDonald on 15th March)- Violet Bick, Mrs Hatch, Mrs Davis

Fran LEGGE – Ma Bailey, Cousin Tilly, Bank Teller, Impatient Neighbour, Mrs Thompson

Mike BALL – Mr Gower

Jo FLETCHER – Eustace, Peter Bailey, Randy, Zuzu