FORBIDDEN PLANET Auditions Information

Forbidden Planet


A Rock n’ Roll Masterpiece

Meet the Directors

  • Directed By Clem & Shelly Halpin
  • Musical Director Paul Belsham                                    
  •  Choreographer Jamie Sheehan

 For Audition Kits, a little more info, a drink and a chat with us come along ….Sat 27th Feb 4pm, to the Theatre at 24 Swift St Ballina

Fasten your seatbelts, return your tray tables to the upright position and prepare to blast off for a Rock and Roll extravaganza!

In this crazy-quilt starship, helmed by Captain Tempest, makes an emergency landing on the uncharted planet D’illyria. In residence is Mad Science Doctor Prospero who was banished into hyperspace with his infant daughter Miranda.

Featuring rock-and roll hits of the 50s and 60s.

(“Great Ball of Fire”

“Good Vibrations”

“Pretty Woman”

“Shake Rattle and Roll”)

many many more.

 Audition Requirements, Must book in! Please contact Clem at

IF YOU ARE COMING IN FOR A LEAD ROLE or CHORUS please bring in a backing track.

IF YOU ARE COMING IN FOR THE CHORUS- please be dressed to move! Dancers who do not sing will be considered. Singers who do not dance will be considered. Singers come in with a song -dancers come in with the moves from the 50s/60s.

 Character Breakdown:

Captain TempestA captain’s captain. Square jaw, rocking voice. Think… Tenor/Baritone, Audition song- “It’s A Man’s World”

Dr. ProsperoScientist who has been marooned on the planet D’illyria. Is he a mad scientist, or is he just being driven crazy by his teenage daughter? Baritone, Audition song- “ Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.

MirandaProspero’s daughter; a teenager discovering men for the first time-‘nuff said. Alto/Soprano, Audition song- ‘Teenager in Love’

 ArialMale Robot loyal to Dr. Prospero. Must use roller skates whole show. Tenor/Baritone, Audition song “ Who’s Sorry Now”

 Science Officer-Gloria– a woman with history with Dr. Prospero

(spoiler alert- she’s his wife and Miranda’s mum) Alto/Soprano Audition song -“It’s a Mans World”

 Navigation Officer– male or female, who knows where he or she is going.-Audition Song “Pretty Woman”

 CookieThe ship’s cook a hopeless romantic. A keyboard player, or guitarist, a plus, killer air guitarist a must. Baritone-Audition Song “She’s Not There”

 Bosun Arras– the ship’s bosun (look it up) Tenor/Baritone-Audition Song “Pretty Woman”

 The Crew (Chorus/Ensemble) (male & female) comprised of ensigns/Petty Officers, etc. How many on the CREW has yet to be determined. Sing Back-Up for almost all songs.

Audition songs,,,,,,,Male: “Pretty Woman”    Female: “ Teenager In Love”

Audition Date 1pm on Sat 12th March

For More Info: email

CAST of Funny Money

HENRY PERKINS – Peter Harding

JEAN PERKINS – Jaime Sheehan

VIC JOHNSON – Dane Bodley

BETTY JOHNSON – Sheena Felton


DET SGT SLATER – Brian Pamphilon

BILL – Brian Alston

MR BIG – Trevor Stone

Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards Tues 15 Dec 2015

Out of 13 nominees, we had 5 winners…congratulations to the following members for their achievement.

Xion JarvisXion Jarvis – Magic Moment Of Theatre Award – Oliver

CarlCarl Moore – Best Supporting Actor in a Musical – Big River

DSC_0358Carly Hebbard – Best Supporting Actress in a Musical – Love Off The Shelf (SUPA North)

James Webb – Best Sound Design – It’s A Wonderful Life

DSC_0362Brian Pamphilon – Best Actor in a Musical – Big River

DSC_0355Jack Lucas was remembered in the Obituary section of the night.

Brian Awards Brian Pamphilon

As you can see, Ballina Talent won 3 of the 4 acting awards in musicals.

24 members attended the night and had a great, late, night!!


AUDITIONS for Funny Money

Directed by Jackie Reidy, production Manager: Lyn Gale 0412 758 697

WHEN: Saturday 19th December 1pm, please ring Lyn to let her know you will be there.

CAST & SYNOPSIS: here and here

6 men and 2 women are required.

Rehearsals will be Mon & Thurs nights at Ballina Players Theatre, Swift St, Ballina.

Performances are: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 April, 2016 which includes 2 Sunday Matinees at 2pm, evening performances 8pm

Legally Blonde Jr CAST


MARGOT – Maiya Stotter

SERENA – Ella Jackowski

PILAR – Emma Buckman

GAELEN – Carley Tanner

KATE – Isabelle Rose

ELLE – Jamaika Smith


STORE MANAGER – Hannah Stock

WARNER – Finley Black

GRANDMASTER CHAD – Francois van Kempen

WINTHROP – Callum Allsopp

LOWELL – Grace Pateman

PFORZHEIMER – Angelina Marchant

EMMETT – Liam Gatt

AARON – Patrick Tickle

PADAMADAN – Lachlan McGeary

ENID – Peta Grobler

VIVIENNE – Jade Rushwood

CALLAHAN – Sebastian Gallagher

PAULETTE – Audrey Campisi-Ross

WHITNEY  – Jacinta Hunter

DEWEY – Jacob Kay

BROOKE – Bella Broadley

SABRINA – Carley Tanner

PRISON GUARD – Johann van Kempen

KYLE – Lachlan McGeary


JUGDE – Francois van Kempen

BALIFF – Johann Von Kempen

CHUTNEY – Jacinta Hunter

Video Performers – Patrick Tickle, Jacob Kay, Lachlan McGeary, Carley Tanner

Prison Performers – Dani Reeks, Chelsea Joynson, Hannah Stock, Angelina Marchment, Carmen Stock, Grace Pateman

CAST Big River

HUCK – Brian Pamphilon

TOM – Josh Green

DUKE – Tim Roberts

KING – Graeme Speed

JIM – Carl Moore

MISS WATSON – Diana Mason


MARY JANE – Jamaika Smith

PAP – Rod Ramsay


BEN/JO – Keani Smith

BEN/JO – Sam Green

SIMON – Rheuben Adlington

STRANGE WOMAN – Justine Smith

ALICE – Liz Dargin


HANK – Trevor Stone

LAFE – Dane Bodley

ANDY – Bruce Rollo/Mike Sheehan

YOUNG FOOL – Sam Green

SHERRIF – Rod Ramsay

MARY JANE – Jamaika Smith


HARVEY WILKES – Trevor Stone

SUSAN – Jenny Briguglio

JOANNA – Iesha Williams

SALLY – Jane Curran

DOCTOR – Peter Harding

SILAS – Bruce Rollo/Mike Sheehan

Dane Bodley
Mike Ball
Mike Sheehan
Trevor Stone
Bruce Rollo
Alex Botha
Cathy Puglisi
Justine Smith
Jenny Briguglio
Fran Legge
Jane Curran
Liz Dargin
Iesha Williams
Graeme Speed
Tim Roberts
Rheuben Adlington
Sam Green
Akira Taitoko
Keani Smith
Jada Scott