The following is a list of Minutes and Agendas for members to peruse before attending any meetings. If there are questions, queries or suggestions, please raise them at the appropriate time at Monthly Meetings.

These documents are all Downloadable & Printable.

Treasurers report Jun 2017


Treasurers report May 2017

Minutes Management Committee 9th May 2017


17-04-18 Minutes Monthly

17-04-18 Minutes SPECIAL Constitution changes

Treasurers report apr 2017


17-04-18 Agenda Monthly

11th April 2017 Management Minutes

17-04-18 Agenda SPECIAL Constitution changes

14th March Management Minutes

Treasurers report Mar 2017


Presidents Report AGM 2017

AGM Prelim note to Auditor’s Statement

Feb 2017 Treasurer’s Report

17-02-21 Minutes Management

17-02-21 Minutes Monthly

Minutes AGM 21st Feb 2017


Agenda AGM 21st Feb 2017

Minutes AGM 16 Feb 2016

17-02-20 Agenda Monthly

16-10-18 Minutes Monthly

Management Committee minutes Nov meeting 2016’tee

Management Committee Meeting Minutes Dec 2016

Management Committee Minutes January 2017