It Could Be Any One Of Us

Show Dates: 22-31 March 2019

Directors: Fran Legge, Mike Sheehan

Production Manager: Liz Dargin

Auditions: Friday December 7th, 2018, 7pm at Ballina Players Theatre, 24 Swift St Ballina. Ring Liz Dargin on 0402 419 985. Bookings essential


The action takes place in the country house of the once prosperous Chalke family; the ageing siblings form a colony of failed artists. There’s twitchy, staring-eyed Brinton, the painter who can’t paint; gracious Jocelyn, the writer who can’t write; and Mortimer, an overgrown baby inflated with self-delusion who, back in 1966, won a Young Composer of the Year award and hasn’t had a commission since.

The estate has been left to Mortimer and, to revenge himself on the household for its deafness to his musical genius, he decides to name as sole heir a girl he taught for six months over 20 years ago. This down-to-earth woman is invited to visit her future inheritance. Before she has entered the house, the jokey-mysterious attempts on her life begin. Cue thunder and lightning.


Mortimer Chalke- unpublished composer, mid fifties. Bad Tempered. Really bad pianist. Arrogant, Selfish, Miser. Single.
Jocelyn Polegate – unpublished author, sister to Mortimer,  late forties. Tries to be Peace-keeper. Bit vague.
Brinton Chalke – brother, unsuccessful painter, early forties. Sulks. Nervous.
Amy Polegate – Jocelyn’s daughter, sixteen, likes her food, quiet, sarcastic. Actually IS the Peace-keeper.
Norris Honeywell – unsuccessful detective, mid forties. Lives with Jocelyn. Knows it all. Resented by Amy, Brinton & Mortimer.
Wendy Windwood – Mortimer’s only ever piano student. Straightlaced, easily frightened. Mid thirties.