It Could Be Any One Of Us

Show Dates: 22-31 March 2019

Directors: Fran Legge, Mike Sheehan

Production Manager: Liz Dargin


The action takes place in the country house of the once prosperous Chalke family; the ageing siblings form a colony of failed artists. There’s twitchy, staring-eyed Brinton, the painter who can’t paint; gracious Jocelyn, the writer who can’t write; and Mortimer, an overgrown baby inflated with self-delusion who, back in 1966, won a Young Composer of the Year award and hasn’t had a commission since.

The estate has been left to Mortimer and, to revenge himself on the household for its deafness to his musical genius, he decides to name as sole heir a girl he taught for six months over 20 years ago. This down-to-earth woman is invited to visit her future inheritance. Before she has entered the house, the jokey-mysterious attempts on her life begin. Cue thunder and lightning.

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