All productions are cast on the basis of audition.

  • To book an appointment for a currently advertised audition, see contact details below.
  • To enquire about the general audition process, telephone Warwick Binney, President on 6686 8400 (ah)
  • For show dates of each of these productions, see Coming Attractions

Auditions for A Few Good Men to be announced soon




The Little Mermaid cast HERE



PLEASE remember to check this list again before you leave home in case of sudden changes.

Rehearsals for children will finish at 8.30pm

Click the link below to get access to Guide Vocal AND Accompaniment here

HARMONIES for “let’s go fly a kite” here

Tickets are available for Cast & Crew on Monday 16th October (from Just Funkin’ only). Each cast member will earn 1 free ticket (there will be a list of this cast and crew at Just Funkin). You will be able to purchase as many tickets as you want, and 1 will be free. Please take advantage of this for the week because General Public tickets go on sale on Monday 23rd October, and they will sell fast.

Sun 22 Oct-14 Rehearsal days left-Headshots for the program will be taken at 12.30 today for the following people (children will be taken as a group photo): Frances, Mel S, Bev, Sophie, Rose, Ella P, Annie, Tom, Lennox, Lily F, Maiya, Grace, Katelynn, Julieanne, Meghan, Karen, Mischa, Cody & Akira (James has headshots of everyone else). If you are away, then you miss out- 10am-4pm Music first, then run both acts

Mon 23 Oct-

Thurs 26 Oct-

Sun 29 Oct-

Mon 30 Oct-

Thurs 2 Nov-

Sun 5 Nov-

Mon 6 Nov-

Thurs 9 Nov-

Sun 12 Nov-

Mon 13 Nov-

Tues 14 Nov-

Wed 15 Nov-

Thurs 16 Nov-Camera Club takes photos

Fri 17 Nov-OPENING NIGHT Group B

Sat 18 Nov-8pm Performance Group A

Sun 19 Nov-2pm Performance Group B

Wed 22 Nov-Possible performance, keep free Group A

Thurs 23 Nov-8pm CHARITY performance Group A

Fri 24 Nov-8pm Performance Group B

Sat 25 Nov-8pm Performance Group A

Sun 26 Nov-2pm Performance Group B

Wed 29 Nov-8pm CHARITY Performance Group A

Thurs 30 Nov-8pm Performance Group B

Fri 1 Dec-8pm Performance Group A

Sat 2 Dec-8pm Performance Group B

Sun 3 Dec-2pm Performance Group A

Wed 6 Dec-8pm CHARITY Performance Group B

Thurs 7 Dec-8pm Performance Group A

Fri 8 Dec-8pm Performance Group B

Sat 9 Dec-8pm Performance Group B

Sun 10 Dec-2pm Performance and aftershow party Group A

Singing & Dancing are obvious, but BLOCKING is when the director organises people on stage, where they move to and when. It can be for Principals/Chorus/Both. Principals are those cast with SPEAKING lines.

TBA means To Be Announced

Sat Oct 21- 10-1 Music/Dance Everyone

Tuesday Oct 24 – TBA

Wed Oct 25 – TBA

Sat Oct 28 – TBA

Tues Oct 31 – TBA

Wed 1 Nov – TBA

Sat 4 Nov – TBA

Tues 7 Nov – TBA

Wed  8 Nov – TBA

Sat 11 Nov – TBA